Terms and Conditions


            By purchasing this product, you agree to the terms and conditions set out below and understand if the conditions are not met the warranty will be void

Please note the warranty provided will only be covered if the following terms and conditions are met.


  • C and F Eng accepts no liability if the Engine we have supplied fails due to an ancillary component causing a failure. If this happens then the warranty will be null and void with immediate effect.
  • Our engines are fitted with tamper proof and heat tags, which can indicate if the engine has been overheated, run low on fluids, etc. If this is tampered with any way it will void the warranty


  • The Engine will not be covered under warranty due to neglect


  • C and F Eng accept no liability under any circumstances for any hire charges, labour, loss of earnings or any other charges in relation to your vehicle and yourself as an individual or company.


  • The warranty provided only applies to mainland UK and does not cover Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands.


  • Upon Installation of your Engine the vehicle must have an oil and filter change completed at 500 miles. Proof of this must be maintained to validate the warranty. All service records must be kept including components used and mileage details otherwise warranty will be void.  Oil used with the vehicle must be the same gradient as the manufacturer specification. If it has been found the incorrect oils have been used then this will void the warranty


  • All Engines/Cylinder Head/ Gearboxes/Crankshafts are sold on a serviceable exchange basis. If you’re existing unit is not available or machineable then a surcharge will apply. We will take a deposit if exchange unit not available at time of delivery/collection of engine. This deposit will be refunded once we have received your core unit back without being dismantled. Your existing core unit must be serviceable otherwise deposit will not be refunded.


  • The warranty provided is null and void if the vehicle has been used in any form of motor sport, street racing, fire, theft, collision of the vehicle. The warranty will also be void if the correct service intervals have not taken place, lack of maintenance and due care and attention I.e. overheating or lubrication (coolants and oil). Whilst driving the vehicle if any warning signs come up please ensure you stop the vehicle immediately in a safe place. Our engines sold are fitted with tags so we can determine if the vehicle has been overheated or run dry of lubricants.


  • If you falsify any claims for the above or any other terms on the warranty then we will cancel your warranty with immediate effect,


  • Before installation of the engine we have supplied, it is imperative that you source the alleged problem of the engine i.e. what caused the engine failure? The Injection system on the vehicle must be tested i.e. injectors and diesel pump. These must be tested by an approved injection specialist company and proof of this must be retained for warranty purposes. Proof of this must be sent to us to validate warranty, if the testing has not been completed or proof not sent to us then the warranty will be void.


  • All pipes on the vehicle must be checked for wear and tear and blockages. The intercooler must be checked thoroughly to ensure is it not blocked or soaked in oil. If this is not carried out then warranty will be void.


  • Please check if applicable the turbo charger for excessive movement and the turbo pipes for excessive oil, please ensure this is cleaned/replaced as required.


  • If the original cause of engine failure is not determined then you may encounter the same problems which were occurring before.


  • Please ensure the installation of the engine is carried out by a competent and approved garage. Proof of installation and all fluids used must be kept for warranty purposes. Failure to ensure the correct documents are retained will result in the warranty being cancelled. Mileage must be provided upon installation of Engine.


  • The Engine we supply is for a bare unit and does not come with any ancillary equipment i.e. injectors, turbo, glow plugs, starter motor, water pump, spark plugs etc.