Terms and Conditions

Please note the warranty provided will only be covered if the following terms and conditions are met.

• If the vehicle is sold/transferred the warranty will be void unless otherwise specified by the company

• C and F Eng accepts no liability if the Part we have provided/installed fails due to an ancillary component causing a failure. If this happens then the warranty will be null and void with immediate effect.

• The Part Supplied/installed will not be covered under warranty if failure due to neglect

• C and F Eng accept no liability under any circumstances for any hire charges, labour, loss of earnings or any other charges in relation to your vehicle

• The warranty provided only applies to mainland UK and does not cover Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands.

• Upon Installation of your Engine the vehicle must have an oil and filter change completed at 500 miles. Proof of this must be maintained to validate the warranty. All service records must be kept including components uses and mileage details otherwise warranty will be void.

• C and F Eng warranty will be null and void with immediate effect if anyone carries out any work to the engine without our authority.

• If the Engine is tampered with or modified in anyway after the work has been carried out, then the warranty will be void.

• All Engines/Cylinder Head/ Gearboxes/Crankshafts are sold on a serviceable exchange basis. If you’re existing unit is not available or machineable then a surcharge will apply.

• Whilst working on your vehicle it is common for the air conditioning gas to be released. You will need to get the vehicle regassed at your own cost as we do not provide a service for air conditioning.

• Please ensure all personal belongings are removed from the vehicle as we cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage to any items.

• The Engine work we complete is for a bare serviceable exchange unit, this does not come with any ancillary equipment i.e. injectors, turbo, glow plugs, starter motor, water pump, spark plugs etc. These will be your existing components which we will be reattached to the engine. We will inspect the items and inform you of our findings. On some components we are unable to check.

• Upon completion of the work agreed we will provide you with a timescale to collect your vehicle. If this is not adhered to then daily storage charges of 15+ vat for a car and 20+vat for vans.

• We will generally provide you with a timescale for the work to be completed but sometimes delays can happen and we cannot accept any liability for delays.

• In the unforeseen circumstance of a breakdown it is the customer’s responsibility to return the vehicle to C and F Eng premises. We do not arrange collection of vehicles and if you do require collection then we will instruct a recovery company and charges will apply. This only applies where an engine installation has occurred

• The warranty is not covered if the vehicle has been used in any motor sport/street racing, fire, theft, collision of the vehicle and due to lack of servicing i.e. overheating or lack of lubrication (oil and coolant)

• We will sometimes need to use your existing block as another block may not be available and this will be completed at our discretion and we will inform you once the work has been completed.

• When working on a vehicle the battery will be disconnected and this will reset the radio system which you will need to put a code into to reactivate. We do not keep these codes; this should usually be with your vehicle paperwork or you will need to obtain the code from the manufacturers.