Cylinder Heads

With over 40 years experience of reconditioning cylinder heads we can offer you many cost effective solutions such as Rebuild, Repair or full Remanufacture of your Cylinder Head.

We supply and Fit Brand New Cylinder Heads complete or just the bare Cylinder Heads.

After 40 years of experience in the Motor Trade many may regard the cylinder to be beyond repair but with our experience we can look at many options.

Advice is free so if its a Car, Van, Marine or Commercial Cylinder Head contact us for the best solution

The two most common forms of Cylinder Head Failure are failure are loss of coolant, which can cause the Cylinder Head gasket to blow, the Cylinder Head to Crack and potentially Total engine failure.

Second most common cause of Cylinder Head Failure is Timing Belt/Timing Chain failure which can cause damage to Valves, Guides and in severe cases Damage to Pistons.

Please always remember if you are unfortunate to have your engine overheat then please do not add cold water until the vehicle has cooled down as this could cause a stress crack in the Cylinder Head or Cylinder Block. Our reputation in the classic car market is the envy of many we offer Leaded to Unleaded conversion with the Valve seats being replaced with Modern equivalents.

We offer a Port & Polish service on all classic car Cylinder Heads.

C & F Eng have the Knowledge, Experience and the latest Machinery to provide you with the best solution for your cylinder head